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Phoenix is a caring digital community that supports mental health and wellness—anywhere, anytime.

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What if you could get instant, empathetic support in the moments you need it most? Using modern tools and a collective-care model, we’re offering unprecedented access to high-quality mental health care.

We're a vibrant community for Healing, Connection, and Support.

Join our healing revolution:

 Gain access to healing experiences that center your mental wellness.

 Connect with a community of self healers & trauma survivors.

Take a custom Phoenix Journey to deepen your healing experience.

 Stay up to date with a feed of healing content centering diverse voices & thought leaders.

We Believe Community is Self Care.

Let's Rise Together!

Whether you’re a survivor of trauma or just looking to enhance your mental health and wellness, our amazing community and unlimited self-paced tools and resources are there for you when and where you need them the most.

Phoenix is your home to heal.

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